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Apart from beautifying your windows and blocking out unwanted light, curtains can provide insulation by creating a barrier between a room and the outside. You can also improve the acoustics of a room by sound-absorbing fabric drapes. With many choices in weights, textures and fabrics designs, you can dress your windows in any shape and size. From bright and breezy to lush and opulent, your decor is limited only by the imagination.


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Somfy – Glydea

Open up a new vista with the click of a switch. Somfy curtain motorisation allows you to draw back the drapes and reveal the view in dramatic fashion. Without sacrificing style for functionality, your home or office can enjoy light or shade, privacy or breath-taking sight all at your convenience. Automation also allows your curtains to retain their beauty and integrity longer as they are freed from repeated pulling and the stains of human touch. Experience the luxury and elegance of motorisation, and speak to our representatives today.

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